Tado radiator review UK

Tado Smart radiator Thermostat review

Tado, the smart climate control company, has come along way in a short space of time. In this review, we are going to be looking at the latest model of their S...
Stringify closes

Stringify is set to close!

Stringify, the Smart Home connectivity tool, emailed users today informing they will be closing. The app will be immediately removed from App Stores, whilst ex...

Home Alone…in the tech era!

Sadly the summer is long gone and the days are getting darker. Now is the time to check your home security. Simple steps can prevent your home becoming a statis...
Sonos IFTTT tutorial

How to connect Sonos to IFTTT

Sonos is one of the ultimate Smart Home speakers, allowing you to connect your entire home and play almost unlimited music sources.  In this How To we are looki...
ezviz c2c mini o review

C2C Mini O Camera review

Many of us today are seeking a solution to home security, here I’ll be reviewing a camera from EzViz, parent-owned by Hikvision who are a major player within t...

Sonos goes live on IFTTT

Sonos is finally opening up its closed network via a newly announced Sonos Sound Platform This allows approved services to directly integrate into the smart ...
Oittm Essential Oil Diffuser review

Oittm Smart Oil Diffuser Review

Sometimes we are even surprised what can be voice controlled. Today we are looking at an Voice controlled and internet connected...Oil diffuser! Yes you r...