If you don’t know what Monzo is, it’s a super smart app-based UK bank. They received their full UK banking license in April 2017.

Sorry international readers currently Monzo is only available on the UK.

Monzo is taking the industry by storm due to its unique and innovative features.  One new feature is the ability to connect Monzo to IFTTT.  If you don’t know what IFTTT is it allows you to connect all your smart tech and devices together in applets. The possibilities are endless!

As Monzo connects to IFTTT you can connect it to Alexa!

In this example we use Alexa to move money into savings at your command. Perhaps one day your feeling rich, or don’t buy that morning coffee? Use this tip to move the money into savings.

How to connect Monzo to Alexa?

(Required: IFTTT account, Monzo Card, Amazon Alexa)

Step 1. Login to IFTTT, and select new applet
IFTTT MonzoStep 2. Click + and select Amazon Alexa, click ‘Say a specific phrase’

Alexa Monzo

Step 3. Choose your trigger, we chose ‘Save money’
monzo iftttStep 4. That is the IF setup now its the THAT – click the + on THATMonzo tips

Step 5.  Now click on Monzo and enable the connectivity.
Monzo Alexa

(NOTE: You are giving IFTTT limited access to your Monzo account but it cannot withdraw funds only move into pots and perform basic read functionality)

Step 6. Select Move ‘Money into a pot’, If you don’t know how to create a Monzo pot here is more information. Basically they are saving pots within your account.
Monzo PotsStep 7.  You now select the pot and the amount, we created a special pot for this and chose £2. If you want to create a special pot you need to do so on the app.

Alexa Monzo savingsStep 8. You can now review your applet and save it.
Monzo UKStep 9. Test it! Say the trigger as shown above, for example ‘Alexa trigger save money’. Enjoy saving money!
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