Sadly the summer is long gone and the days are getting darker. Now is the time to check your home security. Simple steps can prevent your home becoming a statistic. For example mimicking presence to deter potential criminals. Think ‘Home Alone’ but controlled from your smart phone.

In a recent survey Lightwave discovered that 64% of respondents say they mimic occupancy (leaving lights on or the curtains open or closed) in order to deter thefts.

Introducing Lightwave’s latest Lighting Starter Kit. Their smart kit comes with everything required to mimic occupancy and control lights via their app.
Livewave smart home
Thanks to an integration with IFTTT the system can also be connected to a vast range of smart home tech with automation rules.
If you prefer voice Lightwave is fully Integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit.
The kit can be be easily retrofitted and is available now. For more information visit Lightwave’s website.
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