Lithe Audio Garden Rock Speaker Review
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5.0These ROCK!
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What do the Lithe Audio garden rock speakers do?

They are cleverly designed Bluetooth garden speakers that blend into your garden. Allowing you to listen to your favourite music outside.

They are waterproof, IP 56 – if you don’t understand what that means read our guide here, so you do not need to bring them in during the in the rain.

They can also handle temperatures from -20°C – +85°C so no need to worry about extreme temperatures either.

Lithe Audio LGS1P All-in-one Passive Outdoor Garden Rock Speaker

Lithe Audio LGS1P All-in-one Passive Outdoor Garden Rock Speaker

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How easy are they to setup?

Setup is very quick!

The master, active, speaker plugs into the mains, one great feature is the transformer and connectors are all IP68 so can be left outside.

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Once plugged in, to a waterproof outside plug, search for the Bluetooth device, enter the pin, written in the manual, and then play the music!

Lithe Audio garden speaker
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The speakers work 10 meters from the Bluetooth source – we tested it with a range of phones and a laptop with no problems at all.

They come as either single speaker or as a pair with a passive speaker. To connect the speakers as a pair is equally as simple and done using the provided cable and screwing the connector together.

It comes with a 5M cable allowing it to be placed where you want it rather than where the power is. In the box is also a mounting screw so it can be fixed to where you want it.

How much do the Lithe Audio gardens rock speaker’s cost?

Single speaker – £269.99
Pair of rock speakers – £349.99

Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for, hassle free setup and build quality.

What’s it like living with them?

These speakers feel like quality are well designed and perfectly moulded.   The sound quality is impressive not only powerful but clear and crisp, they have a built in 60W RMS Amplifier.

Having a pin is a good feature as prevents anyone changing the music or connecting by mistake.

What are our final thoughts?

These rock!

Puns aside we are very impressed, such a simple and well designed solution. The only one thing we could comment negatively is that a 3.5M audio line in would be a nice addition to connect additional sources. However this can easily be fixed by a cheap 3.5M to Bluetooth sender, so not really an issue.

For more information visit Lithe Audio’s website.

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