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Best Smart Home Hubs 2020

5 Best Smart Home Hubs 2020

What once seemed like science fiction is now a reality: we are building smart homes. However, the more smart devices we buy, the more apps are overloading our ...

Sure Petcare Microchip feeder review

You might remember our review of Sure Petcares Smart Cat Flap? Well this is their latest product in their growing range of smart pet products. What does t...

Retrotouch IOTTY Smart Switch Review

What does the Retrotouch IOTTY Smart Switch do? The switch replaces your existing switch and makes it smart by connecting to your home WiFi. It connects dir...
Philips Hue Filament Bulb

Philip Hue product releases leaked!

Signify is rumoured to be expanding its Philips Hue range to include designer filament bulbs. As well as a smart plug that will be controllable from the Philip...
Works with nest discontinued

Works with Nest discontinued

In a very surprise move Google has today announced ending the works with Nest program. The program will be replaced with the Works with Google framework. This ...
Tado radiator review UK

Tado Smart radiator Thermostat review

Tado, the smart climate control company, has come along way in a short space of time. In this review, we are going to be looking at the latest model of their S...
Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

Sure Petcare releases smart pet feeder

Sure Petcare release their exciting new innovation a smart microchip pet feeder! The smart pet feeder connects to their existing Smart petcare app via the a...
Ring smart lighting UK

Ring delay smart lighting launch

Since Amazon bought Ring they have been rapidly expanding. One such expansion was the announcement of a Smart Lighting solution that fully integrated with Rin...